After having many people ask for the newsletters I compiled as my church's preparedness specialist, I decided to find a way they could easily access them. It was suggested I set up a blog. So this blog began in 2011 and for 4 years there were monthly newsletters. In Jan 2015 an index for those 4 years was included. Along the way have been some other booklets for preparedness.

Recently my Stake President asked me to continue this for the stake to use. So these monthly newsletters will continue. If you have suggestions or ideas, feel free to message me or comment.

In the meantime – hope you are all a little more prepared for having visited this site! And always remember what President Thomas S Monson said: “When the time for performance arrives, the time for preparation is past.”

(Note: garden tips are for Southern Utah area - you may need to adjust according to your area's climate.)

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 2015

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The season of gratitude has arrived. We should have gratitude all year long, but something about the beauty of the fall season with the harvest, colored leaves, and the golden glow that fills the air – seems to naturally fill our hearts with gratitude. One way that we can show our gratitude to God is by keeping His commandments, and one of those commandments is to “Be Prepared”. We know that “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear”. In this day, when the evening news is filled with reports of evil and sadness, we need to – more than ever - be sure that we are prepared. The world can be a fragile place and one never knows when our “preparedness” will be used. May we fill this season with all the gratitude we can find, and in so doing keep Gods command to Be Prepared. When we do this we will only reap more blessings… which in turn gives us more to be grateful for!

Included in this issue:
Who What When Where How? Basic Suggestions for Home Storage a list of guidelines to establilsh a home storage program.
Disaster Prep: Food and Water Safety after a Disaster: tips for food and water after flooding, taking care of food after power outage, and santitizing items.
HOT TIP: check out Wayne Whitaker's facebook page for tips on emergency preparedness and money saving ideas.
In the Southern Utah Garden: tips for end of season garden, hoses, weeds, and waht to do with leaves and fertilizer.
Coming soon to a table near you... A Preparedness Thanksgiving Dinner. A list of items that you can have in your storage that make it possible to have Thanksgiving without going to the store.
Spiritual Preparedness: The Sabbath Day. We have been asked to focus on keeping the Sabbath. Read a quote from Elder Russell M Nelson on how we can choose our activities on the sabbath. 
Cooking with Food Storage: Thanksgiving Recipes: No Fail Pie Crust, Dixie Salad, and Grandma Ballard's Thanksgiving Relish.
Parting Thought: from President Gordon B Hinckley after Sept. 11, 2001 on preparedness and these perilous times.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 2015

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Fall is in the air! It is a favorite time of year for many. The harvest is in, the yard work has slowed, and the shelves are lined with fresh bottled goods. It is a great time to relax a little and enjoy the fruits of a summer’s labor. Fall is also when the LDS General Conference time rolls around and a great time for us to take stock of our spiritual preparedness. As we bask in the glow of the autumn leaves, let us soak up the spiritual enlightenment that is also available. Nights are a little longer, so perhaps we can use that time to add to the spiritual part of our life.  Let us review both the shelves that are lined with temporal preparedness, and the testimony within that is our spiritual preparedness.  As we are prepared in both aspects we will find the peace that preparedness and obedience brings.

Included in this months newsletter:
72 Hour Kit Food: Ideas for food in your kit and church guidelines for a kit.
An Encouragine Word: Quotes from past general authorities about home storage and priorities.
Provident Living: Homemade Halloween Makefup, starting on Christmas, and limiting shopping trips.
In the Southern Utah Garden: Ideas to harvest before frost, store green tomatoes, clean old plants, till garden, flowers, weed killer, tools insulate crops, and garden seeds!
Disaster Prep: an inventory sheet for extended family or neighbors to help pull together during a crisis and help each other out.
Cooking with Food Storage: Make your own graham Crackers and Wheat Thins with these recipes.
The Nuts and Bolts of Home Storage: Seven items to cover as you establish and add to a successful home storage program.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

September 2015

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September is a favorite month for many: it brings cooling temperatures and the harvest begins to wind up. What a satisfying feeling to see the freshly bottled produce lining the storage shelves. Some are still enjoying their garden and looking forward to a fall harvest. Let us each be sure to finish the summer strong. If you meant to do some canning, there is still much available. Fall case lot sales will soon arrive to help you fill your shelves. September is also National Preparedness Month. We have been encouraged to make a plan to stay safe and communicate in case of a disaster. Floods, fires, winds, power outages or water disruption are happening all over this land - and we never know when an earthquake might hit. But, as with all things, if we are prepared we need not fear.  We can focus this month on finishing the harvest and making a plan for emergencies. Then we will know- like the song says – all is safely gathered in. What a peaceful feeling to know YOU are prepared!

Included in this newsletter:
First Aid Tips - the best first aid is prevention! In case of an accident here are a few tips for your first aid kit and protocol. (Burns, Sprains, Bleeding, CPR, and Injuries).
A Blast from the Past: Quotes that have warned us for years to Be Prepared from church leaders.
Provident Living: A penny saved is a penny earned - so try these cost cutters to help keep you and yours clean.
In the Southern Utah Garden: ideas for September planting, leaving carrots and onions in the ground, planting fruit trees, taking care of weeds, lawn fertilizing and flowers.
Disaster Prep: Have a drill, get your 72 hour kit together, and do an earthquake "Tie down" in your home.
Modern Root Cellar: turn a window well into a root cellar. Tips on storing items there.
Fall Harvest Canning: Prickly Pear Jelly, Zucchini Pickle Relish, and Dried Swiss Chard.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

August 2015

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The warm sultry days of August are upon us. The days are getting a little shorter – which gives some reprieve from the heat. The efforts of spring planting are now realized as we fill our tables with juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers or even another squash dish! If we are wise we are putting some in jars for the winter goodness of spaghetti sauce, pickles, or the fresh taste of green beans. Each family has their own favorites. What a blessing to be able to store up for a winter (or rainy) day. The cherries and apricots have come and gone, and peaches, apples and pears are making their debut. What will you do with the opportunity before you to harvest and prepare for the future?  We never know which harvest may be our last for a season. Let us use what the good Lord has provided and find a way to get a little more prepared and provide for our loved ones. There is no time like the present! Take advantage of it today!

Included in this month's newsletter:
Practicing Preparedness: Summertime Fun! The summer is not over yet. Use the time left to practice preparedness: Go camping, keep BBQ Fuel on hand, Use Kid Activities to make preparedness items, try new items on the BBQ, rotate water on plants, Road Trip restock, solar cooking, canning, clothes line useage, sleep under the stars.
Disaster Prep - what level are you? Criteria for a level 0 (every emergency is a disaster) to level 5 (can survive indefinitely)
In the Southern Utah Garden: Fall planting, weeds, apple spray, picking pears, scarab beetle, squash bugs, diseased tomato, corn harvest.
It's Freezing in August: Freezing produce tips, things to try and freezer useage tips.
Spiritual Preparedness: Quote from Henry B Eyring on preparing spiritually for the last days.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 2015

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July brings with it the hot days some of us dread and some of us enjoy. The monsoons will soon arrive and bring some temperature relief – as well as the sticky humidity. As with all of life – there is certainly “opposition in all things”. We soon learn to rise early to work in the cool of the day, and enjoy a dip in the pool or river to cool off in the heat of the day. Making the best of each day is the way we work at our preparedness also.  “This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)  The evening news only affirms that the “signs of the times” are happening on a very regular basis. We cannot wait for the “heat” to pass before we get our spiritual and temporal preparedness in order.  Let each of us – “today while the sun shines” use the freedom this month of July stands for to “work with a will…and our duty fulfill” – as we get our preparedness in greater order.

Included in this months newsletter:
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: Personal Hygiene Preparedness. Supplies to store and tips to keep us clean and healthy.
Disaster Preparedness: There is not time to run to the store in an emergency. Here are a few ideas to make a habit to keep you prepared for disasters.
Spiritual Preparedness: encouraging words:  quotes to encourage us in these last days.
In the Southern Utah Garden: weekly weeding, produce picked, fall garden list, new seeds, watering tips, squash bugs and poison.
Getting your food Storage NOW! a plan from 1976 to get your food storage in one year!
A Quote to answer questions and give peace: from Elder Vaughn J Featherstone: answers to sharing with others who have not followed the counsel to get a years supply, and about those who would plunder and break in and take our family storage.
Cooking with Food Storage:  Fresh Peach Cobbler recipe.

Click here for a complete copy of July 2015 Back to Basics Newsletter.

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015

Click here for a complete copy of June 2015 Back to Basics Newsletter.

Summer time is here at last along with all the things we love about the season – camping, BBQ’s, swimming, reunions, gardening and much more. And – school is out!  School may be out for the summer – but the learning does not have to cease. Summer is a great time to teach our families (and learn with them) about preparedness! So many things are learned as we go about our summer activities or go on summer trips.  Teach your family to garden – and as we plant a garden we learn the law of the harvest – reap what you sow – and keep the weeds out while they’re small. Teach your families to bottle and dry the produce from the garden and orchard. Learn about outdoor cooking on the summer camp out.  Learn to “endure” on the summer hike. Learn about the world around you and the amazing places where we live – and while you do talk about the “what if” disasters and how the family could respond. There are so many ways to keep summer a learning opportunity and help your family be a little more prepared! And of course – be sure to “stop and smell the roses” along the way!

      Included in this month's newsletter:
Home Canning: tips to help you can your own produce this summer.  
Disaster Prep - Sanitation: tips in case water and sewer lines are broken in a disaster - what you can do to keep your family clean and safe.
In the Southern Utah Garden: pick produce, mulch with newspaper, planting more veggies, thinning fruit, pruning shrubs.
Bottling Up Summer: recipes of how to use all those apricots!
Spiritual Preparedness: L Tom Perry and Dalloin H Oaks quotes.
Planning your year supply: link to a food calculator to help you plan amounts to store for your family.
Provident Living: Tips to save money (Ball Blue Book, Clear Jel, Shopping, Cook from scratch).
The Last Word: L. Tom Perry and H. David Burton on preparedness.

Click here for a complete copy of June 2015 Back to Basics Newsletter.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

May 2015

Click here for a complete copy of May 2015 Back to Basics Newsletter.

If April Showers bring May Flowers then what do May Flowers bring?  The children’s riddle says – pilgrims! But in terms of preparedness – those “May Flowers”, the result of careful planning and preparing – bring peace of mind and no worries. Truly – if we are prepared – we shall not fear! Each month we can take stock of where we stand in our preparedness. Are we moving forward? Have we stalled? Do we need to jump start our efforts? Take an honest assessment of where you are and where you need to be in terms of preparedness. Then take the steps necessary to bring you and your family the peace of preparedness. And remember that being prepared is a journey and ongoing. There is really no destination we arrive at that says “you are here!” Preparedness, and the peace that it brings, is really a way of life.

In this month's newsletter:
Provident Living: History's Preparedness Lessons: Learning to weather lifes storms from those who lived through the Great Depression.
Disaster Prep: Unusual (or less thought of) items to store: Comfot items, how to books, phone, clocks, windup light/radio, Solar light, sewing items, cloth diapers, wagon, immunizations, camp cooking, canning items, slippers.
In the Southern Utah Garden: Planting veggies, weeding garden, mulching rows, spray fruit trees, insecticides. 
Cooking with Food Storage: Bottle wheat and beans for healthy and inexpensive "fast food".
Family Communication Plan: Every family needs a communicatyion plan in case of emergency - discuss types, choose meeting places and code word, contact person, ID card, walkie talkie.
A Blast from the Past:  In 1976 church members were, once again, asked to get their year supply. Have you had time yet? Four church leaders encourage us to be prepared.
Spiritual Preparedness: Neil L Anderson in April 2015 conference taught about seeing the Lord's miracles in our lives, and looking to the Lord's Second Coming.

Click here for a complete copy of May 2015 Back to Basics Newsletter