These monthly newsletters are for anyone who would like to learn more about how to be better prepared. Written for the Hurricane Utah Stake as a stake assignment, there are also many other wards and groups who use these. Everyone is welcome to make copies!

Included are newsletters from January 2011 to present. In the January 2015 post there is an index for the first 4 years of newsletters. There are also preparedness booklets that have been posted throughout the years.

May we help each other to be more prepared, and remember what President Thomas S Monson Said: “When the time for performance arrives, the time for preparation is past.”

(Note: Garden tips are for Southern Utah – you may need to adjust according to your area’s climate.)

Saturday, June 30, 2018

July 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of the July 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter. 

This month we celebrate our freedom. Freedom is a gift from God. In 1776 when this new nation declared its independence – there were no other nations with true freedom! This “land of the free and home of the brave” is a nation truly established as God’s Promised Land. It is a land, “choice above all other lands” that we are blessed to call our home. This freedom is promised to be ours as we are righteous and serve God. This freedom that we cherish gives us many privileges. One of those is the freedom - and privilege - to Be Prepared! Some nations today do not allow this; they call storing food “hoarding” and it is against their law!  We have the freedom to show God the gratitude for our freedom by following his commandments as we cherish this free land. May we use this month to be grateful for the many freedoms we enjoy, and make sure we use our freedom wisely as we prepare “every needful thing.” Our freedom will allow us to keep home and family safe and sound – come what may!

Included in this month's newsletter:
Waste Not Want Not - Provident Living:  Cutting waste is a way we can be prepared! America wastes 40% or 133 billion pounds of food produced in the USA every year. Tips follow to avoid wasting food!
Disaster Prep - Be Ready for the Big One!  Ideas of ways you can help your family be ready for an earthquake.
Quotes from Bishop Keith McMullin and Elder Vaughn J Featherstone.
In the Southern Utah Garden:  tips for your July garden - planting, weeding, watering and spraying for insects.
To can or not to can - that is the question!  Eight reasons that canning your own produce is a good ideas!
If you are ever in a jam.... Summertime Canning! Recipes for 5 kinds of jam: Prickly Pear, Mock Raspberry, Green tomato or zuchinni, Peach Pit Jelly,  and Peach Jam.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

June 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

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June has arrived and with it all the things we love about summer! There is lush green grass to lie on and watch the clouds go by, or to sleep on under a bright starry night. There are trips to the pool or lake, cookouts, and cool evenings. There are fresh tomatoes, summer jobs, and summer vacations. School is out, and a different kind of learning takes place. Why not make this summer a summer of learning for all of the family? Learn more about preparedness, skills to help you be more prepared, and have fun in the process! “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” (below) gives ideas to add to your preparedness and have fun while you are at it. Preparedness is truly a way of life, not a destination we arrive at. Preparedness is provident living. We take care of our families and are as self-sufficient as we can be. And then, in turn, we are more prepared to serve others, and make their “summertime livin’” easy too!

Included in this months issue:
Summertime and the (Preparedness) Livin' is Easy!  Ideas for fun summertime activities to involve the family in adding to your preparedness and to strengthen families.
The Three Month Supply - Where to Begin:  A list of items to include as you follow the admonition of the prophet to start with a three month supply for your storage program.
In the Southern Utah Garden:  tasks for June - weeds, picking produce, items to plant, thinning fruit and pruning shrubs, spraying fruit trees, stake tomatoes, and controlling squash bugs and grape insects.
Hot Tips and June Challenges: sales on sugar, using clear jel, canners on sale, things to do with apricots, and taking inventory.
Food Storage from the garden: Using Zucchini  recipes to dry or freeze Zucchini, and canning Pineapple Zucchini or Zucchini Pickle Relish, and making fried, baked or Italian Zucchini.
Thoughts on Preparedness:  quotes from Ezra Taft Benson and George Q Cannon on the importance of being prepared.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of the May 2018 back to Basics Newsletter.

The “Merry Month of May” has been referred to in songs, poetry, and movies as a time to celebrate. May Day was once a holiday celebrating the coming of spring and included singing, dancing and braiding the May Pole! (Lots of fun! So sad we do not do this anymore.) It implies a happy and care-free time. This “merry” month of May is also a great time to be happy and at peace in our homes as a result of our preparedness. As the world grows more topsy-turvy, having a stable home storage and preparedness plan can give us the same “merry” feelings as portrayed in the poems and songs. However, the feeling of satisfaction that comes with being prepared is one that brings a peace and staying power that a fun filled song and dance cannot. Let us make this May as merry as we can – let us Be Prepared.

Included in this month's newsletter:
First Aid Preparedness: Beef up the 1st aid kit:  First aid preparedness is more than having a first aid kit. This included ideas to help feed up a basic kid. It includes info on vaccinations, splints (moldable, and traction) fracture fork, knowledge, scissors, cold pack, compression sleeve/brace, wound seal.
Spiritual Preparedness: A quote from President Russell M Nelson on what we need to help us survive the last days!
Preparedness: A Family Affair! To have a successful preparedness or provident living plan - involve the family!
In the Southern Utah Garden:  Tips for May - things to plant, weeds, mulch and spraying trees.
Disaster! Where has all the Power Gone?  If the electricity were to go out long term, what are your plans? It would only take a few days to fall into a 3rd world status! This includes a list of things to consider to be prepared for long term power outage.
Food Storage - fresh this month! Ideas to use this month for food storage: strawberries, new potatoes and peas, asparagus, beets, lettuce, radishes and spinach, and dandelions!

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of April 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

April is the month we know that spring has arrived! The world turns green, trees blossom, and tulips brighten up the flower beds. April brings the hope of a harvest yet to come as seeds are planted and young plants grow. We look for the flowers that the April showers will bring! So it is with our preparedness. As we add another level of preparedness, or maintain the things we have done – hope grows with it. There is hope that we have done things necessary to take care of our families in times of trials or disasters. We make that hope sure by being prepared for WHEN (not IF) we find ourselves in need of extra food, water or emergency supplies. Remember, it was not raining when Noah built the ark either! Let us “Be Prepared” for whatever storm may come our way.

Included in this month's newsletter:
Quenching Thirst in a Disaster: Life Sustaining Water!  a list of things to do to ensure safe drinking water. Includes two ways to purify water that are used in 3rd world countries.
Cooking with Food Storage: Making Casseroles. a list of items to choose from to build your own casseroles using ingredients from the storage shelves, and freezer.
In the Southern Utah Garden a list of things to do for April.
An Encouraging Word...to Be Prepared! Quotes from different people stressing the need to be prepared!

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

March 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of the March 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

March is that month we are never really quite sure what season it is! It may come in like a lion and out like a lamb – or vica-versa - but the month is filled with all kinds of weather. We just have to be prepared for whatever we wake up to! So it is with our temporal and spiritual preparedness. We just never know when we will need to draw upon our reserves, but we need to be ready for whatever, whenever.  May we all use this month to “March” our preparedness right along, and be ready for the lions and the lambs of life!

Included in this month's newsletter:

Spring Cleaning - Preparedness Style!  A list of things to check or clean up that will aid us in our emergency preparedness.
Using Plants Around Us: A list of plants that can be used for health remedies in case times arrive that medical care is not readily available.
In the Southern Utah Garden: Yard spring cleaning, seeds to plant, and tips for yard and garden tasks for the month of March.
Cooking with Food Storage - What's for Breakfast?  Recipes for Breakfast Peach Crisp, Breakfast Cake, and Basic Pancakes with optional ingredients to add.
Spring Cleaning Recipes A list and recipes of homemade cleaners and tips.
Spiritual Preparedness: A quote by Bishop W Christopher Waddell reminding us of preparedness we can learn from Moroni.

Click here for a complete copy of the March 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of February 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

February is known as the “month of love.” It is a time to make a valentine, give a flower or some chocolates, or have a special dinner. This month of love is also a wonderful time to show love to our family by making sure we are prepared for whatever storms may lie ahead! That expression of love will give us the peace that self-reliance and provident living bring. No matter what storms may blow, be they literal or figurative, knowing we have food and emergency supplies, extra water, and a plan for such events, will give us a great sense of satisfaction. We will find a feeling of strength, happiness, unity, and courage. And in the end, isn’t’ that just what love is?

Let us love our family – and Be Prepared.

Included in this newsletter:
A Matter of Life and Death: The 72 hour+ kit. Tips and a list to include in your kit.
Provident Living:  Ideas to be frugal - using container, old nylons, baking soda and vinegar, egg cartons and wood ashes.
In the Southern Utah Garden: Fertilize, Prune, Spray, Plant, and Planting Pointers.
Cooking with food storage - Using Powdered Milk - basic recipes for your powdered milk.
Self Reliance - Council from our Prophets - Quotes from a talk by L Tom Perry.
Extra Gardening - a Year Round harvest. Cute thoughts of "veggies" to plant.

Click here for a complete copy of February 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter

Click here for a complete copy of the January 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.

“Happy New Year” greetings ring out as another change in years begins.  It is a time full of starting over with many “new” things: a new calendar, a new semester at school, or new bulbs peeking through the garden soil. Even the starkness of the winter landscape seems to be a palate ready for new color and new growth. This winter month is a clean slate from nature ready for the renewal of spring. This New Year, a new beginning in so many ways, also offers a clean slate for preparedness.  As you make those “new year resolutions” for the upcoming year, make new your resolve to polish up the level of preparedness you achieve for your family.  Only you can provide for your family “every needful thing”.  The best way to weather hard times, a disaster, an economy slump, or whatever life sends our way, is to Be Prepared. The color we add to that preparedness palette is entirely up to us! What will you do with the clean slate that has been given to you? Let’s use this new beginning of the year to make a new beginning for our family’s preparedness.  “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

Included in this month's newsletter:
Let's start at the very beginning - The Basics: a list of the basic storage items to include in your food storage. Begin with a 3 month supply and then add long term storage items.
Food Storage Fluff: The Expanded Storage - Expanded storage adds variety, flavor and nutrition to a basic storage. This list gives ideas of what you can store.
Tips to Build a year supply - Ideas to help you build your storage.
In the Southern Utah Garden - winter chores: Prune, Prevent, Plant, and Prepare!
Pruning tips - helpful hints to help you prune your trees while they are dormant. Includes a sketch to help decipher what to cut!
Cooking with Food storage - Basic Wheat Recipes - Wheat Thins, Wheat Cereal, Wheat Treats, and Honey Wheat.

Click here for a complete copy of the January 2018 Back to Basics Newsletter.